Saturday, 23 June 2012

over sharing is over caring

Here's 5 random things about me that you probably don't need to know :

1. I once came third in a group-dance competition in the whole of Jakarta. We did synchronized dancing with umbrellas. It's better that you don't ask. Suffice to say all I remember of it now is the bright red lipstick that I had to wear, and the annoyance of having to go at the very back, because I was always The Tall One.

2. My favourite colour is purple. But I own mostly black clothes, which is weird because I gravitate towards dark red things more, but I do own an ungodly amount of lime green coloured things too. So. Yes. Those four colours.

3. I get obsessed easily. In the end it's not so much that I like something but more of a 'it needs to be this way'.. So I try to restrict my obsessiveness to trivial things that won't bankrupt and/or destroy me.

4. I have two left feet. This makes learning dance moves and/or awesome martial arts moves virtually impossible, and as such I've given up on trying. And believe me, I have tried. (Although, I can still shake my booty as necessary at clubs. As long as no one tries to actually dance with me. Then I just turn into an uncoordinated mess.)

No. I have no idea how I won the competition mentioned back at numero uno. Well.. I did stand at the veeeeerrrrryyyyy back.

5. My eyes are easily attracted to The Pretty. I usually have several crushes going on at once, ranging from attainable guys I actually know, to random guys I regularly see. But honestly.. I don't fall for people all that easily. Which is hard to explain to my friends, as they do know just how easily distracted I get by guys.

So yes. 5 random facts brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.

Adieu, adieu~~

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colson said...

It is as if I only genuinely know you now after these very intimate revelations...:)

Well, we would have made a smashing hit in a vaudeville 'dancing couple' act. Yes, my feet match yours.

OMG, now all the world knows..