Monday, 24 September 2012

contemplation is overrated.

There are times when I want to make this blog less personal, and a little more themed. There are times when I feel like I should take it a little more seriously, and maybe make it sound a little less frivolous. And there are times when I think I should write more eloquently.

But then I remember that I don't blog for anyone, and being silly is kinda my 'thing', and really this blog is just another form of me remembering my life, and my life is basically silly and frivolous. And I'm okay with that.

A random midnight musing, after an hour or so of watching Shinhwa Broadcast feat. Super Junior. Holy crap, Korean variety shows crack me up. And honestly, Shinhwa + Super Junior = MAGIC.

Sleep now! Adieu, adieu.. For alas, tomorrow is a busy day. I have a foot massage planned. And also a book I must finish! Oh my. Fingers crossed I won't be too tired by the end of it all.


colson said...

If a foot massage isn't silly what is ???

Keep on writing - frivolous or serious- in your ironic style please :).

Chuzai Living said...

I am taking a Blogging Your Way course by Holly Becker right now for the second time. When I took it for the first time, the classes guided me to see the directions I want to go with my blog. I think it's not a bad idea to pick a theme as a weekly column and start writing a specific topic that you love or feel passionately about. It might make it easier for you to write. Just a suggestion and obviously you don't need to listen. :) You should do what your heart tells you.

mousharilla said...

Kaho: I've been meaning to do that with my book review blog! ( I've been trying to rope in a few of my other friends to contribute to it as well.. But this blog is going to remain silly and very much random I think.. :) Thanks for the suggestion :)