Wednesday, 26 September 2012

so maybe..

I really should use my fiction tag a lot more.

I keep saying this, and goddess above.. I really do want to. If I can make a living out of this writing lark, maybe I can make a living out of the whole writing fiction thing. Big dreams, I know.. Especially considering my (lack of) drive when it comes down to sitting down and writing things out.

Alas, I am rather horrible at keeping this particular promise of writing fiction.. Because there's just so many talented writers in the world, and I'm honestly not all that confident.. I'm internet-appropriate, but I don't think I'm publishing-appropriate, you dig?

Oh woe.

(And I hear a chorus of "Shut up Mousey, grow a pair and just do it. Stop talking about it. If you're shit then you're shit, but you haven't even tried." coming from friends who are sick and tired of me looking longingly at pretty books, and wishing that one day one of them will have my name emblazoned across it in sparkly pink letters. Because I'm just classy like that.)


colson said...

So? The analysis is correct. The conclusion is clear. The goals have been set. Ready? Go!

Chuzai Living said...

I agree with colson. I think it's good to work towards your dream no matter how big and far it looks! It's hard to take an action in the reality because you may not be able to work towards your dream as you have to earn money for living and don't have enough time to set aside for your dream. You can start writing whenever and wherever. You are a good writer. Don't be afraid! Go for it!