Tuesday, 2 October 2012

easily bored

And yet easily amused.

I need some fun changes in my life. This would usually mean a drastic haircut, but I kinda need to grow my hair out for m'darling Quincey's wedding. I could pierce my ears some more, but I keep loosing my earrings, and I barely have enough for my current piercings. I could get a tattoo, but thinking of what I want permanently etched on my skin is a bit too much effort for a random rainy day musing.

So I basically decided I'm totally going to dye my hair. A fun, bright colour. Not completely though, I think I'm going to keep the top part of my head a dark colour, and then bleach the rest of it. It sounds awful, but it will look absolutely brilliant. I swear. So. Colours.

Option 1.
Isn't it the purdiest shade ever? A little Sailor Moon-y, no? Though for the life of me, I don't remember if any of the Sailors ever sported a hair this shade.. So. Green. Either this shade, or maybe a darker shade.. A sort of dark leaf green. Like a right-in-the-middle-of-rainy-season leaf green. All rich and fresh looking.

Option 2.

I love purple. Purple is my favourite colour. And apparently 'ungu' ('purple' in Indonesian~) was my first word. My mum is forever disappointed her kids refused have 'mum' as their first words. (My brother's was ' Toyota'.. Not surprising considering he's still a car enthusiast to this day..)

Option 3.

This lovely washed out shade of blue. Something very anime-ish about this colour. My 15 year old self would totally vote for this one. Bleaching my head and dealing with the subsequent hair-issues would be worth it for this shade though. I mean look at it.

Option 4.

Apparently, really bright shades wash out pretty quickly. So this shade of pink is on my to-do list, regardless. I don't think I'll pick it right away though. The pic is here for the sole reason that I think Miss A's Jia is super hot, and I have the biggest girl crush ever on her.

All pics found via google image search soz if I grabbed one of yours~

So yeah. Waiting for some of the cash from my freelance jobs to finally drop down into my bank account and then BAM. Goodbye boring hair!

Have some bonus Miss A eye-candy. Because I love Jia. And Min (the tiny girl with the asymmetrical hair).. But mostly Jia.

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colson said...

Shouldn't you consult "darling Quincey" first before shocking everybody at the wedding into a stupor?