Thursday, 11 October 2012

goodbye boring hair!

Say hello to my glorious mane. My PURPLE MANE! Mwaha! No greens and blues around, so I went with purple, and hot damn it looks good. I'm gonna dye the (normal) top half a brighter colour soon - because I can. And because it looks fantastic.

I'm ecstatic! It looks so good!

Another thing crossed off my bucket list ;)


colson said...

It's, eh, remarkable.

But it isn't really you, is it?.

Chuzai Living said...

That is awesome! I wish you would put your face there, too! I bet you look gorgeous!!

mousharilla said...

Colson: Of course it's me! :D

Kaho: Thanks Kaho :D I'm kind of obsessed with looking for colourful hair dyes now :p