Friday, 26 October 2012

like a long lost love rediscovered

I'll admit that I'm as flighty as can be, and my interests wane with the seasons. I pick up and discard hobbies very quickly. My only constant is perhaps my love of books.

(I should write a post about meeting Deska of Deskynowsky sometime. She got me all fired up about posting book reviews on my sadly forgotten book blog.)

Anyway! Earlier this year I got myself a birthday present. An Instax Piano Black. Sort of like a polaroid, but with smaller pictures - for those who don't know what that is.

My DSLR is currently looking forlorn and lonely, and much as I love picture taking, I have to admit, dragging around the bulky camera is a bit of a chore. Slap me, please - I deserve it. But having snapped pictures with my Instax these past couple of months, my general interest in photography is currently rearing it's pretty (dazed) head.

I have a project in mind, and I have a feeling I'll be lugging my cameras with me everywhere for the next couple of months.

Wish me luck.

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