Thursday, 11 October 2012

lucky hew-mans.

As I lathered soap into my cat's wet fur, it occurred to me that humans are really quite lucky - Wet humans can look sexy. Case in point:

Let me introduce you to this fine specimen of Man, he goes by the name of Takeshi Kaneshiro. Japanese actor and singer. This pic is quite old I think.. I've seen it float on teh interwebz for a fair few years, and it's still my fave pic of him, because look at him. Ridiculously good looking man.

So. What was I talking about? Oh yes. Wet animals.

I was going through the types of pet one would perhaps have, and googled pictures of them wet. I'm a busy girl, but I made time because this is research. Seriously. Off the top of my head - hamsters and other cutesy tiny creatures.. cats.. dogs - they all look terrible wet. You can have the cutest little kitten curled up next to you, but the moment s/he is wet - ugly thing. Throw it away. 

To be fair, wet horses and wet elephant don't actually look too 'bad' - they're just ridiculous looking. But I dare you to google ' wet camel'.. In between pictures of crotches, you'll find a drenched camel (the animal).. They're seriously ugly. They're not the best looking creatures even when dry, so throwing a bucket of water all over them really doesn't help it any. Ugly.

I love my cat (the above picture is not my cat by the way!), but she is hideous when wet.

See, aren't you proud that human beings can manage to look attractive even when wet?

I need sleep. This much is obvious. Goodnight!

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colson said...

Seals. Seals look sexiest when wet. And dolphins. And mermaids of course.

PS: Most people I know don't look any better taking a shower.