Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Obsession, part sept - Jonghyun's voice.

This is basically going to be a video spam post of CN Blue's Jonghyun singing. Because his voice makes me melt into a warm puddle of goo.

A little back story; This dude is 1/4 of a Korean band called CN Blue, who dabble mainly in pop/rock. Jonghyun is the guitarist and sometime singer, they (CN Blue) mainly split the singing bits between Jonghyun and Yonghwa - the other singer. Whilst I love CN Blue, and I quite like Yonghwa's voice.. Jonghyun just makes me want to put on a pretty sundress, so I can sit in a grassy field, basking in the warm afternoon sunlight on top of a red and white checkered picnic rug.

Love his voice. Like no kidding. And he's not exactly hard to look at either.

But the fact that he's a kid born in 1990 makes me feel guilty and dirty. Because he's just too cute and oh so young. He's the same age as my baby cousin.

So yes. Guilty. And dirty. But I'm stalking him on youtube nonetheless. Here's three covers he's done that I've been watching quietly in the dead of night.

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colson said...

No opinion on his artistic qualities. But, hey, what's this fuss about "guilty and dirty"? He's twenty two, for Christ's sake! About your own age. Dating a twenty year old doesn't turn a few years older young women into a cougar :).