Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pimpin' the fam'

So. I may be biased, but I think my family's a talented bunch.

Cousin #1 : clickityclack (The one often featured on my pics. The one featured on my last photo-post, actually..!)

Then there's : rushadee (Birthday Boy who just turned 19!)

And : ralgani (EMO BRAT! xD Haha! But then again at his age - just about everyone is.)

And last but not least... Rafy Sugiri (ralgani's dad!)

My brother has some pretty awesome pics too (and he's talented at painting to boot. The bastard.) but the only ones he makes public are his warjunkies stuff (he's an airsoft geek), there are some pretty cool shots OF him though over at his kuronoraito multiply account.

Feel free to comment here or on their accounts! :D

Oh.. and..

I can't believe your fat arse is now 19. Be good and stop being a prev-fa-ce!
(Hugs, from the other prev-fa-ce in the fam ;P)


colson said...

Everything between original and beautiful. So: envy, jealousy.

Of course I stand in awe.. (it hurts and I suspect you did it to us on purpose).

mute said...

a fam of madness.. rraraggghh

mousharilla said...

Colson : oh it hurts more for me, trust me.. this being amongst over achievers thing is annoying. hahaha

Mute : Indeed. If you heard some of my stories.. hahaha. Love 'em to bits!

rinarina said...

your uncle did a grrreat job. wow. always amazed by photo with a misty ambience..

calvin said...

what a beautiful eye candies. really make my day after stuck in office