Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mousey is a shameless hussy ;P

As a kid I used to get pissed off at adults who didn't get excited over birthdays, I used to think people who didn't do a one month countdown to their birthday was weird.

So in honour of myself as a kid.. I'm gonna psych myself up for my birthday this year! Not quite a full month of countdown - just 27 days.. Under the tag #atriisashamelesshussy on twitter, I'm going to post my birthday wishes; stuff I want, people I want to see on my birthday and ideas on what I want to do to celebrate Feb the 27th.

I'll post the full list here on the 26th!

I know, I know.. I'll probably end up dissapointing myself, as I'd be really excited for the 27th of Feb and everyone else will prolly go "meh".. but this is for me. And me at 7, who looked forward to New Years because it meant I was that much closer to my birthday.

I'm slowing down and enjoying the little things in life. :D


colson said...

The 27th of February.

The 27th of February; I made a red cross at that date in my diary.

The 27th of February: OMG, you escaped by the skin of your teeth a terrible fate. February the 29th.

mousharilla said...

I wouldn't call it terrible, per se xD But yes! I was supposed to be born on the 29th actually, but I came 2 days early. Hahaha

colson said...

Only two more days. The day after tomorrow...

I want to be in time. So I'm mouthing the words right now( but you can't hear or read it yet): 'happy birthday to you'.

colson said...

Yes I know. The birthday is tomorrow. Your birthday. But I want to be the first one to congratulate. And there are these time zones..

So: Happy birthday to you!!