Monday, 1 February 2010

Jump! Turn! TWIST!

(for some reason I can't post a bigger version of this pic. Graarrgghh..)

I think by the end of my 5 minutes of directing her moves, she was too dizzy to be pissed off at me for telling her to jump and spin around. Ahahaha!

The photo came from the same series of shots I took while I was at Bromo with the family, though I think I prefer the outcome/edit of my previous shot. Although that one looked gloomier.

I should go out and take moar pictchoores.. Oh wit what did you say, conscience? Thesis? What thesis..?? Meh. I should stop distracting myself. Procrastination is evil and should be avoided. Know that I am nodding wisely.


colson said...

The quintessence of this text is not the thesis.

No, the main thing stares us in the face: both pictures are beautiful, mysterious,multi-interpretable (imo).

And the most important side issue is the meaning of procrastination. Here is a case of misunderstanding. It may not be easy to postpone, but I remember that when I managed to do just that it definitely was shere bliss sometimes.

rinarina said...

ini gambarnya kalo diklik gede tau tri.... xp