Thursday, 18 February 2010

Oh I might as well..

While I'm here.. 2 new pics! I'm loving the grainy black and white look at the moment. And yes, I'm still all about the squares. They speak to the symmetry-freak in me.

These two are close friends of mine, and let me tell ya, they were fantastically fun to shoot.

Shot using a Nikon D80 and a lensbaby composer lens. As always, also available on my dA account.


colson said...

Are you trying out different styles? Are you gonna be a (semi) professional photographer?

Anyway: Once more I love your photo's. Beautiful and an atmosphere of melancholy and comtemplation.

Grainy B/W ( slightly less grainy though) was also characteristic for on old favorite of mine; Sanne Sannes ( - ( slightly naughtier thoug)

mousharilla said...

I only wish someone would hire me as a photographer! Ahaha.. Alas, tere are so many people so much better at it than me :D

The youtube clip you gave.. oh wow.. gorgeous photographs! I only wish I could see them up close :) *goes off to search for some online*

mousharilla said...

(Thank you for the compliment btw :D And you're the second version to use the word 'melancholy' to describe my pics. Hahaha.. xD)