Monday, 8 February 2010

Ist this a bovveréd face thou seest before thee?

I love Catherine Tate. She's so pwetty! Though not as Lauren Cooper.

See? Pretty! Though apparently it's mostly girls that find her attractive. Me, I just have a thing for red-heads. And David Tennant - oh Mr. Tennant, sir! *swoon*

Edit: I just realized that it might make more sense if I mentioned that David Tennant was the tenth Doctor on the series Doctor Who, and Catherine Tate was one of his companions. That's why I found the Doctor Who reference and her "bite me, alien boy!" bit hilarious. :D


colson said...

Lady Rainbow, thank you for sharing another highlight of British comedy.

(Is she beautiful? No she isn't. At least according to the criteria in my book. Face too long, too sharp, lips too narrow, cheekbones not perfect etc. But the colour of her hair - I agree that's okay, wonderful. My mother was a redhead.

Moreover: meeting such a personality I would probably fall head over heels for her)

mousharilla said...

Ahahah yes see.. I was reading one of the fan-sites for Doctor Who, and while the girls are all 'Oh Catherine Tate is pretty', the guys weren't big fans of her looks (though most loved her as Donna Noble). It made for an interesting discussion on what girls considered attractive vs what guys considered attractive.

Oh! Then you may have red-headed grandkids! :D Lucky you!