Saturday, 27 February 2010

My 24th, with a BANG!

.. Or maybe it would be more accurate if I said it started with a 'DO DO DOO! DO DO DO DOO!' ala Third Eye Blind's Semi Charmed Life.. Something along the lines of.

And I have been for.. A little over 24 hours now.

This is a whirlwind account of one of my bestest birthdays ever.

It started off with a cousin's night out. 8 of us went out for drinks and singing. No, not karaoke.. We went to Trip at Kemang. Mike's Apartment (a band which turned out to have a distant cousin of mine as the vocalist) was on, singing what can only be described as one of the most awesome playlists EVARRR. We drank, ate peanuts, and shouted every single song out (not singing.. we were shouting).. We were a loud crowd.. But then, everyone else was just as loud.

Mike's Apartment. Trip. Every Friday. - Highly recomended.

The ride home was hilarious as hell, with my youngest cousin (there) singing random songs, complete with hand movements. Actually.. most of our entertainment that night came from a very, very drunk 17 year old. If only our numbers were complete.. But things were awesome just the way they were. And #cousinsnightout HAS to be repeated. Repeatedly.

The day passed uneventfully.. What with me waking up to my dad thoroughly entranced by the TV, that he forgot to wish me a happy birthday till I pinched him. Haha. Funny, dad. Funny. (It was funny, actually).. Had my hair cut.. Bought a white blouse FOR MONDAY (new JOB! YAY!)..

I went out for dinner with a good friend of mine, and while we were out we had to try out clothes. of course. And this ended badly - with me spending a little birthday dosh on a little (dark grey to) black dress, which made me look oh so deliciously curvy. Instead of the usual lumpy, somewhat mis-shappen silhouette I have grown to love. Had Indian food (our fave!), and somehow stumbled along to a free 15 minutes massage-therapy thing, and laughed at people.

All in all, I was ready to turn in for the night.. When lo, behold! This sight greeted me the moment I stepped I arrived at the second floor of my house:

And so I laughed for 10 minutes straight.

I managed to miss my own surprise party, complete with cake and presents. Ahahahaha..! Oops? Thank you to Jo for the cake and the present she took with her, Rama and Manda for the presents they left, and to anyone else (if indeed there were any) who came. Even if I didn't get to see you, you guys made my day!

And Twinno, for being an annoying bitch-boy, I'm still 2 seconds away from kicking your ass. But for being an unbelievably sweet guy (slash bastard), I'm hugging you. A lot. Now behave, so things can go back to being normal!

And thank you AbangDanisPutiBilaRaiAlAbi, MumDadGramps, RIFA (I almost forgot to mention my brat 9 year old cousin who made me the cutest pressies and gave me a cupcake), Tia, Colson for the emails and count-down.. And everyone else who wished me a happy birthday.


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colson said...

Though I envy you, going by your account a 24 y/o.'s lifestyle is too much for me..

By the way: this is a wonderful talent - missing one's own surprise party!

Last but not least: dressed in the breathtaking new garments,I'm sure the start of the new job will be a devastating success tomorrow