Friday, 15 January 2010

Sometimes, I even out-geek myself

Technically I don't think I've earned the right to cal myself a 'geek', but amongst my friends (from middle school.. junior high.. high school.. uni.. etc..) I'm certainly the geeky-est. Okay fine, I am a bit of a geek. *big grin*

So.. A couple of years back when I got wind of Star Trek being re-vamped I was a little freaked out. And by a 'little', I mean I growled at any of my friends who told me any bits of news and slapped someone who told me when the trailer came out (as if I didn't already know!).. Turns out - I'm in love with the new movie. I mean.. Srsly. Best movie of 2009.

And of course this means I'm definitely getting the DVD. And by DVD I thought I meant just a DVD. Guess what came out? A limited edition DVD with an ENTER-frickin'-PRISE case!! You can imagine how excited I got. But tragedy!! - I was out of town and I underestimated the sheer amount of closet Trekkies and new fans that would get as excited as me when they saw the case!

I was away for a week!.. And that was enough to loose any and all hope of getting the limited edition DVD! *I swoon, I whimper, I faint*

My brother was lucky enough to grab the last one in this record store - and it was a display DVD, it wasn't even supposed to be sold. He kept insisting he wanted that one, and that one only. I panicked and searched all over Jakarta the next day, placing orders at every single shop I visited. Remember how big Jakarta is? And the traffic jams? And the expensive tol roads? And the sheer stupidity of motor cycles here? Yes. I braved all that!

And got nothing!

(This is a long story, I know. But I promise the end is coming..)

So.. I had given up hope and sort of grudgingly admitted to myself I'd have to get the one in metal casing (yeah I didn't want the plastic one either ;P) the next day, as those were rapidly going as well.. But then! GRAMEDIA CALLED.

Gramedia is a chain of bookstores in Indonesia which I used to frequent a lot as a kid - not so much now.. because I have to spend my own money, and I'm permanently broke.

So yes.

They called.

"Excuse me, Ms. Siregar.. Unfortunately we wont be re-stocking the limited edition DVD case of the Star Trek movie." *pause for dramatic effect as I loose all hope* "but we still have a couple at our office." *and BOOM! I jump out of my chair and sort of.. flail my arms.* - At this point I was trying to figure out which Gramedia is closest to my house as I thought I'd prolly have to pick it up.. "If you could give me your full address we can have the DVD deliver via messenger and you can pay on the spot."

And end scene, as I practically faint. Okay exaggeration. But I had to sit back down again.. And then I spent 5 minuted telling the Twitter world just how much I loved Gramedia, and a whole day gloating at my brother since my DVD will be BRAND NEW. *grin*

Here are shit pictures of the DVD :

Technically, the one on display is my brother's, as I don't trust myself to put mine on display just yet. I still keep giggling just at the sight of it. I also make whooshing sound as I transport the DVD from one place to another (it's still in it's plastic covering, and I can't decide which place is safest to store it in).

So.. I LOVE YOU GRAMEDIA. Thank you so much! Talk about customer service ;D


colson said...

I love lovers. Love is beautiful. Even loving Star Trek and Gramedia is beautiful ( probably).

But these two ("I'm permanently broke" and "you can pay on the spot") don't add up, do they?

mousharilla said...

Kinda had to poke people to get them to pay off their debts to me. Hahaha..! Worth it thought. So worth it!