Sunday, 25 July 2010

The long dark tea time of the soul..

I've recently encountered problems in my professional life, one which I had taken for granted I would never have met, considering the awesomeness of my immediate work-buddies.

They're a fabulous bunch, and I really was fond of every one. Which I've been told is a rare thing to happen in an office.

Not to say that everything was perfect, but the people.. the people were fantastic.

A couple of posts ago I lamented the fact that a few of them were leaving, albeit obscurely.. but yes. I wasn't happy. Then new people came into the office and balance was restored. Before a horrible storm brewed up and these people were taken away from me again. Which truth be told, pissed me off a lot, hence the long dark tea time of the soul which resulted in posts which were not to my usual standard of happy, chirpy, cheery posts.

I can't say that things are better, not by far (if anything it's getting worse).. But I can say I've made up my mind not to let it bother me anymore than it already has.

And hey, there are things going for me now which make me really happy.

So I shan't complain anymore.

Just wanted to drop by to say that.

--- end Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul ---


colson said...


60% aren't even worth one's interest, to 30% you have to pay some attention either because they are just nasty ( 15%) or they are all right (15%) and the rest is divided in 5% all out bastards and 5% is composed of geniuses and great, funny, fascinating and talented people.

As you belong to these last five percent you can not be surprised by meeting an overwhelming majority of less agreeable persons.
In the beginning you just must have been unbelievably lucky. Gradually things are getting back to normal again now.

But you will hang on because you will always stay in your own 5% group.

mousharilla said...

You belong in the 5% I really wouldn't mind hanging out with, Colson :)