Monday, 5 July 2010

Hearts a-crying.

It was raining five minutes ago.

18 floors up it looked like Jakarta had been gassed. A misty cloud obscures the streets from view while unforgiving pellets shoot at the window, making everything that little bit harder to see. Now.. Now the sky is dull, like a white wall that's seen too many childish hands.

Uncomfortable, unsettled and extremely uninspired.

Or maybe that's just me, projecting my moods.

It's cold and I'm tired.


colson said...

Hey, great lady, hang on.

According to the German site "wetteronline" it is pretty cloudy but dry now in Jakarta and the temperature is 31 degrees Celcius.

So rain and the freezing cold is over. How about your mood?

mousharilla said...

Oh Opa :) It comes and goes, oh the joys of being a girl. That's about all I can say on the matter :P

By the way, your blog seems to have eaten my comments.. Not sure if you got to read any of them..

colson said...

@ mousharilla: OMG. Since I'm bombarded by spam ( hundreds of them each day) I remove them without checking. I'm afraid your comments for strange reasons will have gone that way.

I solemnly promise it will not happen again. From now I will check first.

PS: Male or female? Do you think I made the right choice after all?