Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Obsession part Trois

Or the post in which Mousey should really learn how to spell 'obsession'. It's just one of those words my brain refuses to spell correctly. The other being 'business', my problem probably lies in the abundant number of 's's it contains.


Evil eyes. Or as they're known in Turkey - nazar boncuğu. According to the ever faithful Wikipedia page, a nazar is; "an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye ("evil eye", from nazar and "amulet" from boncuğu). It is common in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia, Iran and Greece. In Turkey, the nazar is often hung in offices and homes, or incorporated in jewelery.
A typical nazar is made of handmade glass featuring concentric circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, light blue, white and black, occasionally with a yellow/gold edge."

Source: Wikipedia, w00t!

I love pendants. I have a whole box of silver pendants of various sizes. And I love pendants with a 'story', religious beliefs, traditional symbols - I eat 'em up like om-nom-nom. My longest love has been for celtic trinkets, as the first ever pendant I received from my mother was a celtic knot with a tiny amethyst bead - which I still wear quite often even today.

Evil eyes have been a favourite since my early uni days, when an aunt of mine gave me the prettiest blue-green nazar pendant. It recently broke, which spurred me on a huge nazar hunt. And here I must profess my love of the internet age once more - I LOVE YOU INTERNET!

I found this shop which sells all sort of pretty pendants (which is the source of all the images in this post, the above image included), and quite a few bracelets that I have my eyes on. The white one below is defo on my MUST GET list.. It's just too pretty!

But since I just recently went on a huge nail-polish splurge (yes, that's another one of my obsessions) - alas, these will have to wait for another month! Below are two bracelets I'm crushing on. Pretty, pretty, pretty!


colson said...

They definitely are beautiful!

However for reasons which are to be found in the genes ( if not education), my obsessions are quite different. But at least I now know what I have to bring if we will meet next time (I do hope that will happen, see :))

calvin said...


have you read uzumaki? :D