Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sometimes when a friend says "I think you should face your fears," what they really mean is "I want to see you piss your pants/puke your face off"

As I've mentioned many times in this blog - I'm a coward. Like srsly. I go green at the mere thought of being strapped in and being turned any which way in those death traps. Oops. I meant 'RIDES'. And I still maintain that those rides are highly unnatural. If humans were meant to have their legs up in the air, and heads on the grounds, we'd be walking with our heads. Not our legs.

But I went to Dufan. And I conquered all the rides! Halilintar.. Hysteria.. Kicir Kicir (watch the videos!).. I did it all! (Tornado was under maintenance, thank fuck.).. Cheshire cat grin on my face, voice sore from screaming, hair in a tangle from everything. I did it! I'm even rather fond of Kicir Kicir.

I'm feeling rather proud of myself. One fear down, about 99 thousand to go. Haha!

(Okay, so sometimes some friends mean well when they say "face your fears..!", and maybe I should say thank you. So, thank you, K!)


colson said...

Congratulations. Yet you were right of course - it is for a reason we don't walk on our heads.

You know, "K" knows, everybody knows evading scary situations is for a evolutionary reason. Those who lack a trillion fears are the ones who are handicapped :).

So I always tried to keep to the evolutionary commands. And believe me, it's much worse to be chicken if you happen to be a boy. However I did face my cowardice and gave in. No bungee-jumping from bridges, no hanging on parachutes, not diving deep, not racing cars, no climbing of alpine mountains, etc, etc.

After those many years of being coward I'm proud to announce here I've never ever did something I was afraid of :).

Btw: what fear you will confront next???:)

mousharilla said...

Waht to face next? Not too sure opa, baby steps! I think I'll stick to dealing with rollercoasters for now :p