Friday, 22 May 2009

For Edna

Who was so bored, she ordered me to write so she'll have something to read. Tut tut tut girly, get off the net and grab a book, wahai Edna.

So.. Lately I've been complicating things which should be simple, and simplifying complicated things that I really should take seriously. Its all part of my grand scheme to confuse and baffle innocent bystanders with my strangeness, but since its kinda back-firing and now I'm not sure which one was supposed to be complicated, and which one was supposed to be simple.

My confusion is reminiscent of several different coloured balls of yarsn which a 3 month old kitten has been playing with - with enthusiasm. Sort of frayed everywhere, and really tangled.

So what have I done to drag myself out of this mess? Did I wisely, and patiently untangle my problems? Separating them so I could deal with them one by one? Did I try to solve anything?


I immersed myself in mangas. Namely Magister Negi Magi and random ones I found in my brother's room. I watched hours upon hours of Scrubs. And then I listened to Belle & Sebastian. I generally faffed about.

Now this doesn't seem wise. It isn't. - Don't follow suit unless your brain works more or less in the same way as mine. -

After generally being a bum for some time, I stod up and dealed with my yarn(s).

No I didn't untangle myself first - I'm an idiot like that, but it works for me. And hey - I think I'm back on track.



Anonymous said...

jadi ini ceritanya curhat ke gue ni?

colson said...

Okay, it's way off topic, but I wonder isn't this "( Manga's)I found in my brother's room" a case of flagrant transgression?

No, serious: good for you to be back on track.

mousharilla said...

edna: yes. this is what you get when you tell me to write when I have things on my mind..! hahaha

colson: technically no, because caring is sharing :P hahahahaahahahah