Thursday, 7 May 2009


I'm not a big Twitter fan, mostly because I have a tendency to ramble on, and cutting my thoughts up into tiny pieces will probably end up making everything seem like gobbledygook (to you and to me), and will most probably make me look even stupider than I already seem.

Having said that, I found people I'm quite fond of on twitter.. Which tempted me into making an account.. *pimps twitter(rers..?)* :

Neil Gaiman : TWEET, site
Mark Watson : TWEET, site
Stephen Fry : TWEET
Rove McManus : TWEET, site

But I was slightly flabbergasted. Just exactly what was going on..? On the whole, I enjoyed personal tid-bits and witticisms of random people I've come to like watching (oh dear lord, that sounds so wrong..), but then there are the @blablabla's, which I presume are replies to people who have responded to twits (tweets..? the terminology escapes me). And I felt like a weird stalker person who have hacked into someone's computer and have been reading their chat logs.

Apparently twitter is addictive -Well, I have to say as a reader (follower..?) I'm not convinced.

Its a strange feeling reading something like:
@rosamundcotton Thank you! I will keep at it until they do.
@sherbetjax Thank you. It really is a delicious cider. Nothing but pears.

@Hayleylulah Thanks! It means a lot. I am writing another one (yet another one) so we'll see...
(from Mark Watson's twitter)

I have no idea what the first one reffers to, the second one is (I'm guessing) something to do with Mark's new adverts for a pear cider.. And the third one is most probably about his book. I've only just figured out you can direct your twits (tweets..?) to someone and you can read the original text they've replied to and such but its still confusing as hell to me, and I'm not sure I'm all that interested in reading their chats with random people.

(I adore Mark Watson by the way, and all the people whose twitter accounts I've mentioned.. I'm in no way attacking them.)

Its just a very strange phenomenon I'm fascinated with and I'm trying to understand.

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MITA DIRAN said...

i have twitter! follow me!

hahaha.. i'm not totally addicted to it (yet), but i do update it much more often than i do my facebook status. too much status updates on facebook tend to be annoying, but it doesn't get to be that way on twitter cuz that's just all there is! so my twitter is simply my way of venting my status frustrations. i don't have to follow everyone, and people don't have to follow me. :P