Saturday, 23 May 2009


Titled: I-Spy
Taken through a window at a coffee shop in Jakarta.

I took a lot of pictures of this girl, she was calmly sipping coffee and reading through her books. Whoever you are girly: Sorry for all the noise - and if I bothered you with all the picture-taking then I apologize. :D Tee hee!!

Originally posted at my dA, and cross posted at my flickr account.

Yes I do get around. :D

These days I either go for full colour (bright, bright cheerful colours!) or classic-lookin' black and white piccies. Picture-takin' is fun.


Calvin said...

spy me too will you, I promise to turn off my camera radar :>

colson said...

Beautiful. Breezing the atmosphere.

A great talent for photography too, eh?

mousharilla said...

Why thank you dear hearts..! Your praises leave me floating in a cloud of joy.

And Calvin? Your "camera radar" is horribly sensitive. I fear that tisn't possible for you to turn it off. Hahahaha