Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Oh it was a wonderously wonderful revelation. The best kind. Covered in chocolate and oozing with wisdom. "What is it?", I hear you say! The suspense of it all must be driving you crazy with every unrelated word you read..! Why is she not saying what epiphany has hit at 5 a.m!? Why must she continue her drivel?

Fear not! I shall reveal to you all my epiphany!

EPIPHANY: While doing the laundry unasked is always appreciated, washing load after load of dirty clothes at 3 a.m is really not helping my insomnia problem.

Oh the idiocy of it all. Yes. I've been doing laundry since 3 a.m.. I'm now on my last load, while I write my blog, and shuffle things around my room in my latest attempt to clean it. I feel very much like I've had several bags of sugar and cuploads of coffee, I'm not shaking just yet.. But the urge to vibrate gently as I flutter around my room is.. I fear, too much to handle.

I haven't even had any sugar and/or coffee.

Its just one of those phases I go through where I sleep the day away, and stay awake till 8 a.m, wired as f*ck. I'm jumpy and flitty and I feel so charged I may very well burst into song any minute now.

Insomnia has strange effects on me.

I tried staying up all day so I can rest once night comes. Didn't work. I tried exercise. Didn't work. I tried sleeping all day, so I can wake up refreshed in the morning..! Didn't work.

How exactly does one get rid of insomnia?


colson said...

Awkward and quite a problem. Probably your biological clock plays a trick on you. I'm sure it will get back to normal. But if it fails to do so, please refrain from sleeping pills.

Laundry? A very original solution to the problem - but only temporary. Unless of course if you make the switch of day and night into a permanent situation and go on doing laundry at night changing it into a professional living.

Also you may find a little comfort in watching fellow-sufferers. Take the movie "Insomnia" for starters, for instance.

(This is what IMDb says about it:

Two criminal investigators arrive in a town in the north of Norway to help the local police solve the murder of a young girl. A second murder sets the investigators off on an intense race where the stakes are as high for them as for their quarry. Written by Erwin van Moll {max404@hotmail.com}

In Troms, Swedish cops aid the Norwegian police in hunting for the murderer of a girl, 15. They track a suspect; in the fog near the sea he seems to escape, wounding one policeman. One of the Swedes, Jonas Engström, fires his revolver, accidentally killing his partner. He then tries to cover it up. Over the next several days, the sleepless Engström manipulates the evidence of his partner's death more and more elaborately as he and others pursue the girl's killer. Then, he hears from the killer, who has observed him shoot his partner. Is a net closing in on Engström? Will someone police the police?)

mare said...

If the problems goes on, then you should seek professional medical helps, sometime insomnia not only psychological but is a sign from your body that maybe something was not right. Maybe it's the food or stress , anyway it would be best to ask some expert on that

MITA DIRAN said...

Uh. I also have trouble sleeping at night, but a full stomach + cigarettes + one or two episodes of Friends, ALMOST always make me giggle until I fall asleep. :P

mousharilla said...

Colson: So.. I should watch a movie about insomniacs who go out on a rampage..? Ahahaha..! Thanks, I think.

All the clothes in my house are clean right now. I'm at a loss of what to do at 4 am. *sigh*

Mare: Oh dear.. that's a bit scary.. I think I'll see what happens in the next month or so before I panic..!

Mita: No cigs at home..! :( And I'm quitting (again) anyways. Hahaha..!

calvin said...

well, have you tried my suggestion to cut off your internet connection for month?

my worst record being insomniac was when during job-waiting period, I slept at 5 am. It was torturing. I'm positive you could get over it if you have routinity after finishing your thesis, in meantime you could try to turn on your alarm at fixed time.

you could also try to sleep 3 hours earlier than the usual time (if you sleep at 3, try to sleep at 12, and so on)

you might also want to read some PPKN book or listening some boring lecture from our teacher at university.

I consumed sleeping pills once, and nah, they didnt work for vampires.