Sunday, 7 June 2009

Weddings and friendships.

I was so unbelievably happy on Saturday. A girl I grew up with, got married.

We were friends all through our last year of junior high, hung out a lot in high school even though we ended up at different schools, but lost contact around the start of uni. Maybe a little bit before. But I knew the guy she got married to, I was there at the beginning of their relationship, and I remembered the stories.

So I was there at her wedding. Huge smile on my face. Extremely excited for some reason. And it occurred to me that I didn't really enjoy weddings that much. All the fuss and bother and the frills and ceremonies.. And trust me, Indonesians are good at ceremonies. But I was giddy nonetheless.

If I didn't enjoy weddings so much, why was I so happy?

Because I found that in life, there will always be those people who you will always be happy for no matter how much time has passed, or how little communication you've had. There are people who you'll always love and adore and celebrate.

I maybe all of 23, but I do believe it.

And you my dearest Mahis, for me you're one of those special people. Sorry it took me a while to realize it. I sincerely wish you all the best in your new life. I don't think there are words enough to express just how happy I was to see you on that stage with your dress and make up, radiant and gorgeous, hands clasped as you mouthed the words to your wedding song.

*I seriously can't help grinning as I write this*


calvin said...

oh wedding. dont tell me this was the moment when your mouth turned into foodwhore. :>

colson said...

Beautiful, moving statement of friendship.

But this must be the truth of the year: "And trust me, Indonesians are good at ceremonies".

I had the pleasure ( and heavy burden) to play a minor part - father of the groom- at two of those extensive and exuberant weddings and even now, years later, I haven't quite recovered.

Yeah, Indonesians tend to slightly overdo it

mousharilla said...

calvin: my mouth is always a happy whore for food that tastes good :P

colson: thank you :D and yes.. its literally wedding CEREMONIES here.. *sigh* sometimes its fun but it gets a bit much when you have to go to several in the same weekend. hahaha! I was happy my friend's one wasn't a huge to-do with all the bells and dances and what-nots.

What adat/tradition did you have to do??

colson said...

@ mousharilla: "What adat/tradition did you have to do??". Eh, both weddings were Javanese ( though they took place in Sumatra). One I could cope with ( only one day). The other one was a full blown wedding of five consecutive days (although I should count out the part of the Lutheran Church wedding).

As for what I did? This I understood: being parent(s) of the groom is really important in the ceremonies. But to be honest: I didn't have ( and still don't have) a clue what it was all about. And literally speechless every time old Javanese or Bahassa was spoken.

In the end we were absolutely exhausted. We had to spend two weeks in quiet places to recover.

Anonymous said...

you grin??
i cant stop sobbing reading this..
it's a beautiful feeling.