Tuesday, 23 June 2009


So. Apparently one of my best friends thinks that I need motivation. And his idea of 'motivation' was to approach two girls who were looking up sky-diving on youtube and chatting about it, and dragging me over to chat with them about traveling around Indonesia.

I'm very awkward when it comes to actually talking to new people, I usually plaster on a smile and just nod occasionally and blank out - and then laugh at the wrong moments. So imagine the double dose of awkwardness I felt when he sprung that particular surprise on me.

So there we were, four strangers (or, as it were - two pairs of strangers), standing around two separate tables, talking. All the while I had the image of a kid shouting 'stranger danger! stranger danger!' at me..!

Turns out the girls were actually pretty helpful and quite friendly, and amazingly knowledgeable about quiet, secluded beaches.

And strangely enough it worked. I'm feeling quite motivated.

I have amazingly awesome friends. (Or quite possibly - awesomely amazing friends. I haven't quite decided)


rinarina said...

put what u guys talking about! jadi penasaran.....hee ^^

colson said...

Did you actually do it? Not just the usual beach fun, but skydiving?

You must be a heroine. Because: sky-diving?! The word alone should have scared me away ( I'm a serious sufferer from vertigo).

mousharilla said...

Bi: It was strange, but fun.. and I have info on a couple of beaches we should go explore..! :D

Colson: Mmm nope. Not *yet*.. Apparently there's no safe ones available around here yet. Paragliding is as good as it gets so far. *sigh* Some day though. :D

ichan said...

atriii blog kmu lucu bgt manisss!!!
very inspiring and funny!!

aku link kmu yahh!!

Ramaboy said...


apparently it worked.. More of different approaches are yet to come.

Ramaboy said...

PS: when it comes down to that particular best-friend of yours, who wouldn't be friendly? :P:P:P

mousharilla said...

Chan: CUP!! :D

Twinno: Yes well, that particular best friend of mine isn't all that sane.. people are scared to tell him to go away ;P hahaha..!