Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Simple smiles

One of my random happy memories is of walking away from my cousin's house and spotting an old lady peering out of her window across the street. I smiled spontaneously at her and waved. She gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen and waved back.

I love smiling at strangers and have them smile right back at me.

Yesterday I was in my car, my window still winding up after I paid for parking. I smiled at the parking attendant and thanked him, and I was blinded by his smile. I always try to thank people and smile as I go about my daily chores, but its quite rare to receive a blinding smile in return.

A while back I posted a video called Validation (post found here), which never fails to cheer me up.. And though the video is a huge exaggeration of the positive outcomes of smiles and compliments, it does help remind me to be positive.

Random memories of strangers smiling at me is a strangely satisfying reward. I'm not a great believer in people, in general.. But sometimes.. Sometimes humanity is a-okay. You're alright in my book today.


colson said...


Edna said...

i give u my biggest smile :D

mousharilla said...

thanks colson, et tu dear edna :D