Sunday, 22 July 2012

drabble 1: Secrets. [105 words]

I have a secret. She waits for the continuation and is met with silence. Looking up she sees mischievous eyes, wide and excited. A flutter in her stomach, a sudden hitch in her breath, she ignores it in favour of the widely grinning face in front of her. It isn’t mine.

She huffs in annoyance. Should you really be telling it then?

It’s yours. She grins. But I really think you should share it.

Before she could retort on how stupid she was being, she swoops in.

There. A kiss. A peck really. Her grinning mouth barely leaving hers. Now it can be our secret.

(Author's note: Why did I make it slash when nameless-same-sex stories 
with no quotation marks are a pain to write? Ah well.)

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