Thursday, 12 July 2012

(not quite obsession) Calvin Harris ft. Example - We'll Be Coming Back

Apologies. This blog is fast becoming a music diary of songs I'm currently interested in. But this one.. Ahhh.. I posted Example's Kickstarts song as part of my obsession post a while back.. And here he is again, featuring on a track with Calvin Harris. I have to say, after that super anoying and catchy (damn it! SO catchy!) single with Rihanna.. Calvin Harris is now back in my good books with this song! I'm not a fan Rihanna, as her nasally voice just scratches on the last meager remains of my sanity.. I mean the song is catchy as hell, but you won't find it amongst the stuff I have on my computer.

So yes. This song. Rather lovely. And I'm posting the (fanmade??) video on my blog as a personal bookmark. I should start making some proper posts, I know. But yes. For now..

Is this song going to be played on loop? Well.. As soon as it's out on iTunes, it is. So, not an 'obsession' yet, but definitely will be.

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colson said...

Yeah, we all need our addictions... Moreover, this is a nice and innocent one. And it's temporary :).