Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Obsession, part six

Introducing Tablo, one third of a South Korean hiphop group Epik High. Apparently Epik High is quite good, and Tablo is apparently some sort of genius (?).. At least that's what I've gathered from random websites. But fans are rather prone to exaggeration, so I generally take everything with a grain of salt.

I've given up being picky with songs considering how many songs I enjoy outside of my usual genre of choice. 'Getting wiser with age' is my excuse.

Anyway. Yes.

A bit obsessed with this song to be honest. Jinsil, the female singer on this song has a really, really, really cool voice. I mean - listen to it! Listen! Isn't she just fantastic!? I can listen to just her part all day. And I quite like Tablo's rap bits too. It's.. pretty. The whole song is just lovely really.

I've had it on repeat on random days these past couple of months.. Ahh.. So nice.

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colson said...

This is one of those tragic moments when truth stares you in the face. A moment of despair. The sudden recognition I've musically bailed out long ago.(~_~;)

I listened and tried to like it. But I couldn't. Not even the female voice...Tablo's genius is out of reach to me.

There is this theory we shape our musical taste ( can one shape a taste????) between 15 and 30. To me that means the sound of the fifties ( Jazz) and the sixties (Anglo Saxon Pop). My ears simply don't allow me to enjoy what's new and original:(.

Musically I'm down and out in Zeist, Holland. No hope for improvement. Only gloomy listening to the recordings of Miles Davis and the Beatles for ever and ever.

That's the definition of hell.